DCS Plc.(Valmet)

Valmet DNA is an automation and information platform for process control. It combines all controls for process, machine, quality, supervisory, drive, as well as optimizations, and mechanical condition monitoring into a single platform. Valmet DNA is based on the knowledge of developing distributed control systems (DCS) over for 30 years.

Safety Instrumented Systems and batch solutions are in a Valmet DNA Scope. Valmet DNA can be used also as a PLC, Soft PLC, or SCADA system. It ranges from a micro-sized system, including the world’s smallest fully functional user interface, to mill- and plant-wide systems that support global organizations.






  • User experience tools for operators, maintenance and management
  • Reliable architecture
  • All functions within one system: process, machine, drive, quality, condition monitoring and information management
  • Architecture for high availability and lifetime expandability and upgradeability
  • Compatibility and connectivity between generations
  • Scalable from a single stand-alone controller to plant-wide systems
  • Layered security approach
  • Replay feature turns every single process picture into history mode to review past process situations